Word of the Year Study-Setting Reminders

Are you as visual as I am? I’m really not in learning, but I am in remembering. Basically, I forget things constantly and respond best when I have simple visuals to remind myself. My word of the year is no different. To keep my word close to my heart and thought processes, I post reminders for myself.

I am still working on something big. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for something for my wall or shelf. Maybe a painting or willow tree figurine…something that will remind me each time of Renewal and all that it means in my life.

One of the little ways I’ve tried doing this is by making a Pinterest board. I really love pinterest. I don’t always have time to look at all that I want, but it is such a useful tool for recipes, homeschooling, organizing, and more for me. Why not also for this?

Because here’s the thing, if you PRAYED to GOD and asked Him for a WORD, then you believe He GAVE you that word, don’t you feel it is important for your life? Why would we ask the Creator for something and then forget about it later like it wasn’t important? If He chose to respond to your prayer, then you are blessed! If He chose to respond to your prayer with an answer you were actually seeking, how much more are you blessed?! And how much more will we be blessed if we walk in wisdom by taking that tip He gave us in love, and living it out?

So set out some reminders for yourself! Stick some post it notes of quotes and verses where you’ll see them. Find some artwork. Make a pinterest board. Anything that will keep that word fresh in your mind!

What do you think about visuals with your word? Can you think of other ways to keep it fresh in your mind?

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