Word of the Year study- Good Friday

It is our LAST week of school for this homeschooling house! Summer break is here! hurray! I know we won’t always get to do that, but with just one doing kindergarten, there really is no point in trucking on for months when it’s beautiful outside and she hit all our goals.  🙂

Today, we’ve talked about Easter though, this being Good Friday. And I just wanted to get on here for the Word of the Year study series and encourage you not to forget your word. Use your word this weekend as a telescope if you will. Look through that word “renew” or “commit” or “bold” or whatever, at the cross. Use it as your path to Him.

For me, I’m looking for renewal. To regroup and refocus. To reaffirm my walk. Because? It’s all about this weekend. None of it would matter, none of what we do would matter, if this weekend hadn’t happened. Jesus dying and then rising again changes everything.

So walk up that path to calvary with a quiet spirit and peace, and ponder your word in the shadow of a crucified and now standing King as you bow before Him.

Happy Easter!!!

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