Word of the Year Study–Beginning to apply it

Hope you’re all trucking along with your word of the year! Has anyone found any tunnel words? What I mean by tunnel words is a word that you have to go through to arrive at your real word. Like, my word is “renew” but first, I’m learning a lot of lessons lately on “intentional,” which shows me that renewal is not something that will just happen.  Last year, my word was “love” but my tunnel word was “humility,” which showed me how I cannot love someone as the Bible calls me to without laying myself down first. 

So, after you dig into the meaning of your word and settle in on your focus, the next step is find the verses and apply them to your life. I’ll tell you, you can read the Bible all day every day and pray that the Holy Spirit just makes it sink in, but if you are not closing the book and applying it to your life, then you’re on a slow train and it may or may not arrive where you want it to. 

In the last series post, I listed some verses where my word came up. I grouped them in categories beginning with “What can be renewed?” The first verse that I listed was Ephesians 4:23 which is “Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes.” So, my first focus was renewing my attitude and thoughts. ahem, still working on it, too by the way. 

Word of the year

I asked myself, “how can I renew my attitude?”  I wrote down any thoughts or verses that came to mind. I googled “renew attitude.” I read blog posts, scholarly articles, and Bible commentaries. Honestly, this step should not be something you spend a week on. This part is your year. As we go through each step, I hope you’ll keep coming back to this and learning how to apply your word and the Bible to your life. 

So, let’s say your word is commit. What can you commit to? What will it require of you to commit? What could it cost you? How can you take a step toward committing to something today, even if it’s something small? What does the Bible to commit? For one example, Proverbs 16:3 says to commit your actions to the Lord. So, what would that look like today? next week? next year?

Let’s say your word is “enough.” What does the Bible say about enough? well, it says that His grace is enough in 2 Corinthians 12:9. If His grace is enough, so you are enough, what does that mean for today? How can you step into that today? What decision can you make with that as the backbone?

Is your word  something like rest? be still? quiet? What does the Bible say about that? Is there a verse that shows you how? Take a peak at Psalm 131 and see what you think. What can you do with that today?


Find a verse with your word, and step into it. Own it. My verse was Ephesians 4:23 if you remember, but I have my first step in verse 22. It tells me to “put off my old self.” So, that’s my focus. Becoming aware of sin and confessing it. Growing in fruit of the spirit, and praying that He’ll keep pruning these damaged buds off so that His fruit grows instead.

You have your first step in applying your word to your year! Have you learned more about yourself, God, or your word in the last few weeks? I’d love to hear how your word is going in your life! 

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