What to do with that word of the year


Have you heard of people having a Word of the Year? The basis is that instead of a list of new year’s resolutions, you simplify your list down to one word. Then, you carry this word throughout your year as a banner through all lessons, trials, and happy events.

Though the One Word 365 idea was created in the late 90’s, it has gained momentum the last several years. I have a feeling the increase of our life speed has something to do with that. I have talked with a lot of people this year already about it, and hearing all these words has been so fun. Anytime a focus on words is happening, I’m there. However, this year, I just can’t quit thinking about it.

As I thought back over the years of having a word, I thought about the first several years. I was so excited that I actually had a word I felt the Lord had given me, complete with a verse and everything! However, after I got that word, I had no idea what to do with it! I’m grateful for the Holy Spirit. Even though I didn’t put a lot of time into my word, I was pleasantly surprised at how often the Spirit brought it back to mind during the later months.

You've got a Word of the Year!So now

But, there is no denying how effective it is to actually put time, study, and prayer into my word. So, let’s say you don’t have a word, but you want one. It’s not too late! I am shocked. SHOCKED. that I had one before February or March. Truly. So, if you want to jump on, pray about it. Ask God to give you a word that will go before you this year. I have found that whether I ask for a word or not, I’m going to have those same lessons and trials. Having a word has just helped me to have a focus on what I should be learning through those. So, as you’re reading your Bible or listening to sermons or just living your life, pay attention to words that jump out at you. Is there one topic or word that’s jumping out to you repeatedly? Is someone ALWAYS talking about restoration? consistency? love? anything? Is there a verse that keeps coming to mind and when you really think about it, your mind keeps hesitating at one spot?

If you DO have a word or the year, I’d like to invite you to join me on Fridays here at this spot to talk about it. I’ll share how I study my word, look for what it means and what it doesn’t mean, and how to apply it to your life! THEN, you can share with me all your ways! We’ll pretend that we’re meeting at a coffeehouse and having a latte with some cute art in the foam and Norah Jones is playing softly in the background, instead of me trying to type up a post on our free day in our homeschool and I’m praying my house doesn’t implode while I type. 😉

So, meet me back here next Friday to talk about the first step in living your word!

I’ll leave you with a list of words I’ve been hearing this year to see if any jump out at you if you’re still waiting for one. My word this year is Renew, btw. If you have one, what’s yours?


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  1. Love it!! My word is Boldness. I know (like any Word) LOTS of lessons are to be learned about balance. How to be bold in Spirit with what the Lord is teaching me and placing on my heart and yet still be gentle, humble, and kind. Discerning the balance is the hardest part for me.

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