Want to get FREE books for a Bible study AND bless a single mom???


It all started last summer. I’d read things online and in my Bible, and my heart would cry out. “God, I know prayer is the most powerful tool we have, but I also want to DO something. I want to love women in a tangible way…women who are alone, worrying, in need.”

But, in this season of my life, I am saturated by the church. I LOVE God’s church, so don’t read that as a negative thing. I feel like God gives us seasons of being hedged in by His followers for specific individualized reasons…though, those reasons all have the same end result. To be built up, so we can go back out.

I have lived my seasons of being saturated by the world. Going to work and burning myself, only to turn around and two coworkers ask, “is that it? we were wondering if you’d cuss, being a Christian and all.” It was a season of eyes constantly watching…she says all this, but is it real? Will she live it?

Then, He brought me inside my home. I homeschool, I teach at church, I serve at church, I’m surrounded by believers. And I thought, “how can I ever help those women?! God?? What do you want me to do?? Do you want us to leave our church and go somewhere with more physical needs?” He was quiet about it. I felt stuck.

Turns out? He was working on it all along. I wrote my book, and published it, and focused on that. Not until this weekend did it hit me. Within it lies my outreach for this season! So, guess what?!

If you choose to use my book for a women’s group study of 5 or more women, if you contact me before ordering, I will send you your books for FREE with the understanding that you take that money that would have been spent on the books ($10 each) and find one single mother in your area. You bless her with that money, and I’ll bless you with the books! What do you think? Deal?! 


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