the order and the chaos- When the chaos just won’t seem to go away

I went shopping today with my mom and all three of my girls.  It was so fun, but so very, very chaotic. Lots of things my girls and I take part in become chaotic, actually. Last month, I was talking with a friend over what God had been speaking to her about order from chaos. When she first mentioned it, my ears perked up because it’s the exact lesson I have been learning throughout the last several years.  My old blog was even titled Order From Chaos.

We talked later about the ways God creates order and why order is so good.  We talked about how God created us to crave Him (order) and not the world (chaos).  Since that night, the concept won’t get off my mind.  My life is normally pretty calm, but in this particular season, I have a lot going on.  I have been consistently trying to establish order in the areas of my life that need it, but in some, have been been having little luck.

But a verse has been coming to mind and giving a bit of insight into why things are not flowing.

Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. Genesis 1:2

In one of my Bibles, I’ve highlighted different colors for different reasons. Each time I see a mention of the Holy Spirit, it is highlighted in blue.  As this verse came to mind while chatting with my friend, I kept picturing the words “the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters,” standing out from the rest in blue. I thought about God’s Spirit resting over the emptiness and chaos before He began His work of establishing order.

So often, I see a project or problem and I want to get straight to work fixing or doing. I want to make a list for this. I want to implement something new with that. This and that. Here and there. Tweak and fix. And then I get frustrated because my life still feels like chaos, not order.

Then I realize that though many of the steps I made were correct, I missed the very first, most important step.  In the beginning, His Spirit hovered over it. And in the beginning of my attempt to follow in my Father’s steps and reflect Him in my own life with order, I need to cover the chaos with prayer.  Through prayer, we ask His Spirit to once again, come down to the empty chaos and hover over it. Then, we can begin the process of order with a renewed mind and wisdom on which direction God wants us to go with it. (I wonder how many times the word “renew” will pop up in posts this year? It is my One Word 365 this year)

If you find yourself at a crossroads or frustrated over the chaos, backtrack your steps and see if you prayed specifically for that particular topic. (and not a “bless this thing” blanket prayer ;)) If like me, you accidentally missed that step, start now by asking God to show you the direction.  Ask Him to send His Spirit to cover the chaos and hover over it and you.

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