Sibling Fellowship

There’s always a lot going on. That’s true for everyone’s lives and I’m no different. Here, we’re trucking through the last straightaway of my husband’s school. Then, there’s the lesson plans to make for my oldest daughter, and now the middle has decided she needs to be included in homeschooling because she added in “learn to read” onto her new year’s resolution list. (BTW, moms, New Year’s Resolution lists are cute for kids, but it didn’t occur to me until AFTER we posted them to the fridge that I would be flipping the bill to make those happen for the most part. Maybe they’ll let me sway their lists more next year *grin*) So, now there’s double the lesson plans and teaching. There’s the wrapping up of the book and a new project I’ve been working on. And then all the regular things too.

Cultivating  Sibling Fellowship

But do you know what I spend the largest percentage of my time working on? Sibling Fellowship. I’ve dubbed the relationship between my children with that title in an attempt to remind myself of the real goal.  If I don’t remember it like that, I will replace the goal with something more like “peace and quiet” or “no fighting and a clean house.”

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With my goal set as their fellowship, I can focus more on the heart of the matter. I can let go of my dream of a perfect house or all the lids on the markers (oh my word) or even noise level. I want them to truly love one another, and they truly do. I do NOT always get it right. Sometimes, I’m stressed, tired, or whatever and I slip into wanting one of those other things. I just want them to stop fighting, forget about their overall relationship when they’re 52 and 54 years old. I want quiet NOW. But not only does that not help me in the future, that doesn’t help anyone right now either. It never solved the heart of the issue. And then we get into seasons when I am spending every extra minute of my time walking them through issues and how they should have lived out that last issue, and I feel like throwing in the towel and giving up and applying online to part time jobs. ( I kid…mostly.)

But then, suddenly, it clicks again. And they get back into the groove of it.

Sometimes, it’s easy to see all the urgent needs and forget that though I am needed to do the laundry and work on things or minister to others, that first and foremost, I am called to serve these little people in my home. Their soft little hearts are constantly needing molding and nurturing, and the sounds of giggles and thoughtfulness drifting from them is worth giving up all extra time. It just so happens to be that when I have invested where I should, I do get the extra time back because they’re able to play without needing Mom to come walk them through their relationships.


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What’s the sibling fellowship like in your house? Any tips you’d like to share for those hard seasons?

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