One small habit could change Sunday sermons forever

Have you ever found your mind wandering during church? me too. often. Some weeks are easier than others, of course. Then, sometimes I find myself riveted by the sermon during church, only to forget it completely once I walk out of the room…and pick up three kids…from three different classes..and get all those children into the car…then drive those children across town while listening to their Sunday stories..then get them all out of the car, into the house, fed….on and on. It’s a wonder we remember anything we heard while there! We have got to write it down!

simple bible trick for quiet times

simple bible trick for quiet times

Anyone who has ever taken part in any group I’ve ever led as probably heard me say “WRITE IT DOWN!” perhaps a billion times…but who’s counting? I’m a note taker, yes, but I haven’t always been. I didn’t begin taking notes in church until I began noticing how often God commanded the prophets He spoke to throughout the Bible to write what He said down. And those guys? They lived in a time of serious memory skills. They could recite books of the Old Testament by heart. by heart! Me? I have to look up a cookie recipe that I invented! every. single. time! I can’t even remember a short grocery list of staple items. So, if God told them at the beginning of their revelation to write what He said down so they’d be able to tell others, well then, why did I think I could just wing it?

So I began taking notes during church…during small groups…during classes. But it wasn’t until one small change that all the sermons began to come alive. Want to know what it was? Faith. I read a suggestion that you need to believe that God has a Word for you in every sermon. Every. single. sermon.

So, I began to believe it. I started looking for it and attempting to discern out of all my notes, what was the Spirit speaking to me about right now.Once I found what I believed it was, I’d circle it huge on my notes. Then, early Monday morning, I start my time with the Lord right there and work through the week.

This tiny habit has had massive influence over how I respond to the preached word each week and the renewing of my mind in response to it.

What about you? Are there any small habits or tricks you have found that have helped you stay intentionally minded?

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