I’m still here..

Hello! my goodness, it’s February, y’all! I’ve decided that January is a trial month and the whole new year thing doesn’t technically begin until February…can I get an amen? We have been homeschooling and enjoying some whirlwind weather all through January. Seriously, we had lovely upper 60’s-low 70’s temps, then a record breaking beautiful, deep snow the next week, and now we’ve been back to high 60’s-low 70’s again. I have not been so great at the housekeeping, because it’s been too pretty. Yesterday, I literally sat in our backyard while the girls played in the sunniest spot and enjoyed the sun until it could no longer shine on me before heading inside to figure out dinner.

Fortunately for my husband and house, today has been chillier, so I’ve spent the day doing laundry and cleaning…sigh. I’ve also been busy doing taxes (ugh), meal planning, lesson planning, getting everything in order for my own classes to begin, and tip toeing my way through some early lessons the Lord has had for me on my word of the year:hope. All of which, I would love to share with you! I’ll force myself to wait and post about each of those individually, so I don’t end up with a giant rambling post anymore than I’ve started. (blame it on the lattes)

So, for now, I want to say that I’m still here. I hope you’ve found a word of the year, or that your heart will soon find one. And I can’t wait to share some of the family fun we’ve had and some of the great things God has shown me through His word lately!

See you SOON!

oh, and also? there will be a pretty fun giveaway happening over on my instagram soon, so head over and follow me if you aren’t already! @hspatters  because what better way to say I’m sorry to friends for disappearing in your own life than a fun thinking of you gift! 🙂

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