guess what…

Sometimes, the turns in life surprise everyone…sometimes, they can even surprise yourself.  This is one of those times.  

I am releasing my heart on a topic in January as an ebook titled Your Identity Behind the Mask: Discovering Who You Are in Christ.

I majored in English BA in college so though I sat in classes full of people that dreamed of writing books, I was pretty sure I’d never come close to such a feat.  (In fact, I wasn’t so sure I’d ever use that major for anything)

I thought that when the time came for someone to announce a book, it would be loud and rushed with excitement. However, though there is excitement, there is also quiet.  It’s a funny thing, pouring yourself out and sitting it quietly before others.  While half of my heart wants to jump and shout, the other half wants to hide in my bedroom under my covers. I’m filled with joy that I have this opportunity to share what God has been showing me, but I am also feeling vulnerable and small for now.

I’m sure that there will be much more jumping and excitement as the release date approaches. Maybe even some giveaways here to celebrate the day of 😉

Stay tuned as I begin to share a summary and samples as the big day approaches! And thank you so much for peeping in to take a look at the new cover. I really do feel small and meek in announcing this book and each comment and encouragement has meant the world. 🙂

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