For seasons of always having to work on yourself

And when he comes, he will convict the world of its sin, and of God’s righteousness, and of the coming judgment. John 16:8


That “he” being spoken of in this verse is the Holy Spirit. And the speaker in this verse is Jesus Himself. He was teaching the people about the time when He was no longer here on this earth, but the promise of the Spirit coming and what that will look like.

He will convict us of sin and show us God’s holiness and righteousness and what will come because of it all, unless we are blanketed in the love of Christ through His sacrifice. Conviction of sin I know well.

I feel like I’m always convicted of something. What about you? Are you always working on something? As soon as you feel like you have a handle on some flaw or problem about yourself, there comes another realization of more to work on? Feel like you’re playing whack a mole with your sin? No sooner than you beat one thing down, then another pops up.

It’s discouraging. me too.

But, what if we looked at it a bit differently? This verse from John tells us that the Spirit will come and reveal these things to us. Did you know that you do not have it in you to see your own flaws with true repentance? If you have been made aware of some sin in your life by the Word, a sermon, a spouse, or whatever, and you realize it truly is sin, it is only because of the Spirit. If He wasn’t there working with you and revealing these things, even if something brought it to mind, you wouldn’t feel conviction. You wouldn’t feel the need to work on it, or rather, let Him work on it.

If you have found yourself in a season of always finding something new to work on in yourself, take heart in knowing the Spirit has simply found a willing student.

In seeing it and turning to repent, you have agreed to be molded to look more like Christ. You are agreeing to be soft clay and to be purified. You are willing…even if it doesn’t feel so willing or nice sometimes.

But do not become discouraged, dear one. You have caught the attention and molding hands of the Spirit of the Living God. He knows. He knows it’s not always pleasant from an earthly standpoint. He knows sometimes we’d rather throw our hands in the air and call out surrender, but not surrender to His will as much as surrender to the world. But it would not offer the relief we so think. Because a plateau is just not worth the view. You have to climb higher and higher to really reach that beautiful view. And once you have climbed that mountain top and stood there gazing into the heart of the God who loves you, climb back down for a bit and help the rest of us up. You’ll be able to do it, all because of all that work and training you allowed in yourself.  You can do it!

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