Dining Room reveal!

dining room reveal

So Thanksgiving has passed, and we’ll pretend the aftermath of Thanksgiving is cleaned up. (gotta use BIG imagination there) And my hunny has been home from work this week while I work on a big upcoming project.

And with him home, it also apparently means home project time. …maybe I shouldn’t have introduced him to Fixer Upper until my project was finished….;)

So, I walk out of my bedroom this morning and see the entire contents of the girls’ bathroom and the shower doors in the hallway. I had to run in and have him let me take a quick “before” pic first! He’s been in overdrive all day with that room, and so I can’t quite show it yet. BUT! It did occur to me that I never showed you pics of our updated dining room!

So far, we painted and updated. But, we still have two main projects left in the dining room. We have to finish the frame wainscotting on the walls *swoon* AND we have to put in new flooring. Now, the room actually has brand new flooring, BUT….it. is. carpet. Seriously? yes. Someone put carpet in a room that used to have wood floors. Obviously the floors weren’t in great condition since they removed them and carpeted over them, but bad wood floors with a toddler eating spaghetti has to be better than carpet and spaghetti…right? anywho…new flooring will be coming. probably a pine rustic floor.

So here is the before pic

dining before

And here is the after:


That table is adorable and we love it, but it also has to be replaced with something much larger. We bought that one on craigslist years ago when we were only a family of 4, one of which was in a high chair. It was sanded down, repainted and stained dark, and it has served us well for the last 4-5 years for only the $100 we paid for it and all the chairs!


over there to the side is a breakfast/coffee bar. It’s equipped with a keurig, stackable coffee mugs, fruit, k cups, a microwave, toaster, and a galvanized steel bucket on the bottom shelf full of packages of oatmeal. It gives my girls independence, which we all love. We often use it for after dinner coffee and hot chocolate while we’re still sitting around the table after the plates are cleared.

The entire time we talked about what to do in this room, I just kept saying, “I want it to be pretty, but not fancy. I don’t want it to be one of those fancy dining rooms that no one ever uses and is just another room to vacuum and heat and cool.” I purposely bought a table for the breakfast nook in the kitchen that isn’t big enough for all of us to sit at simply because I was afraid it would become too easy to sit in there and not in our dining room! ha! But we love how this room turned out, and once it’s completely finished, I know we’ll love it even more. We’re in there each night eating, laughing, and asking our girls to be careful and not fall off the bench again. sigh. it’s crazy, but fun!



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