Committing to God whatever we do and letting go of burdens

Do you ever yearn for easier times? With big looming unknowns ahead, any time before yesterday seems easier lately. I have several major topics in my life right now that could go one way or another, and each direction would take my life in a very different path than the other option. Lovely, right? It’s times like this when I see how much of a coward I’d really like to be, ha. I could turn on some Norah Jones, light a Bath and Body Works Leaves candle, and make a latte, pretending that none of this is really happening. oh, to be Miss Scarlett O’hara.

But, I mark days off the calendar hanging over my desk and step a day closer each time to the unknown. This morning, I was reading during my quiet time with God, and came across several verses that jumped out at me. I took pictures of each of them to write down later and mull over. The first one I wrote down was Proverbs 16:3, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.”

Letting go of burdens

I don’t really know why this particular verse originally jumped out at me, but I kept staring at that word “commit.” Commit to the Lord whatever you do…what does that even mean, really? I cleaned up the house and did some laundry, all the while, this verse was in the back of my mind. Commit? I finally  had a chance to pull out my Strong’s concordance, and what I found was interesting. The word translated commit there actually means “roll.” Like to roll a huge stone. I appreciate that almost every time this word is used, it’s in reference to something large…something looming needing to be rolled.

We sometimes say to “give it to God” like it’s an easy thing to do. Sure, I’ll just dump these big questions out at the foot of the cross like the church says to, and walk away like I didn’t just dump out my entire future in a messy pile. But, it isn’t always easy. We as Christians aren’t always great about giving each other the credit about how difficult it is, but God still does. Roll it to Him. It’s heavy. It has sharp edges or rocks sticking out in some places that have left you with scratches and bruising. It may be a long distance from where you are now to where you need to be to fully roll it to him, and it’ll be hard to finally push it off your shoulders. But you can do it. He promises to take it and protect it.

My one year old has a love of carrying heavy things around. She struggles under the weight of her burden, insisting that she can do it, all the while making sure we all know what she’s doing. “Heavy! Heavy!” she says to us. But, eventually, she can’t handle the weight of it anymore, and finally asks me for help. And every single time, I take what she’s holding with one arm, because her heavy burden is light in my strength. How much more so our heavy burdens in God’s strength?

What about you? Carrying any burdens that you could roll to Him?

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