New Year and a clean slate—Free 2016 Printable!

Happy New Year! Did you have a great New Year’s Eve?? We had a fun dinner and celebration with our girls, ringing in the new year with parts of Greenland…ahem…thank you, Netflix, for giving us a countdown we can use at 8pm.

new years with kids

we had dinner with fancy glasses and new years tiaras…except there wasn’t enough for daddy, so we had to make him a crown

Even our Westie, Jazz got into it

new year dog

We bought lots of confetti poppers and made a balloon drop on our fan

balloon drop kids new year

Then, we played board games and filled out some kid friendly year end reviews, with all the big events of our year on the wall for reference…because lists are my life blood


When bedtime grew near and the smallest of us began to wane, we pulled up the countdown on netflix and had a big celebration with dancing and poppers and balloons! This was the entire floor of my living room by the end of the it all…


It was all really fun. I love celebrating holidays with kids. Everything is so magical and fun to them, and their lack of expectations keep away the fear of disappointment. After the girls were all tucked in for bed, Lance and I filled out our own year end reviews and looked back on our last year together. We have a really lovely tradition for New Year’s where we go to bed before midnight…I know, we’re so lame. But, after all that partying hard, we were tired! So, we went to sleep and awoke to a whole new year. And, the weekend was full of relaxation. He built things and I read books. The girls played and giggled and ran. And we began talking about what a new year means. Lance and I talked about how important it is to learn how to dream together, and we spent most of the evening discussing our own dreams for ourselves, each other, and our girls. Then, last night, we wrote them down. The thing I love about fresh starts, is that they can go any direction you point them to!

Clean slates. Just like a slate chalkboard wiped clean, yes it has the chalky white appearance of things erased, but it is ready for something new! So, what will you wipe off your slate? What will you determine to write on it? There are so many great printable lists online. I looked through so many just to find one for myself, but I couldn’t find any that contained all the directions I really wanted to go in my planning for 2016. So I made one for myself, and I’m making it available to you. 🙂

Here is the image, if you’d like to right click, save as, and download it that way!

2016 clean slate printable

and here is the pdf file if you’d like to download it that way>>>2016 clean slate printable

What will your slate look like this year? Will you be sure to wipe away ALL the old chalk first? What will be your big goal? What will you do for yourself? I’m still mulling over many of these questions, including food to eat. SO MANY OPTIONS! 🙂 But also, what is my big goal? What will I devote my time, energy, and heart to? Do you know yours? I wish I could sit with you over a cup of coffee and hear your answers. Have a happy new year and a first normal week back after the holidays!

oh, hello there, 2016–Free 2015 Year Review printable!

It’s a new year! I love autumn, deeply, truly. It speaks to my heart in ways other things and seasons can’t. But, oh my, oh my, how I love the season of new year’s leading to Easter.

I could use a second chance. I could use every opportunity of a second chance I can get. And New Year’s, Lent, Easter, all of it reminds my heart that I have just that each and every day.

But it’s hard to look forward without taking a moment to look back. Today, I grabbed 12 pieces of printing paper and wrote a month in the middle of each piece. And I’ve been going through my calendar, pictures, and social media accounts and making notes on important happenings in each month. I’m planning on taping them to the wall tonight for my family to read after dinner and maybe add their own moments. They’re not fancy, just like many of the moments we’ll add on later. But they meant everything to us.

new year's tradition

I also found a few kid friendly New Year’s pages we’ll fill out as a family, but I also wanted something for Lance and I to fill out together after the girls’ were in bed. So, I made us a cute little year end review, and I’ll make us a New Year 2016 goal list too that I’ll share with you. But for now, I wanted to share our year end review list as a printable for any that would love to look back on their year and breathe it in one last time.

Here is the printable as an image to right click and save as…

year end review

and here is the file as a pdf that makes it a bit easier to print ;)>> Year End Review

I hope you have a lovely (and safe!) New Year’s Eve! Now I’m off to go tape up a balloon drop to my ceiling fan and plan a yummy year end dinner for my family. You can’t end the year with mundane food, right??

Word of the Year-End of year review

So, there’s two more days left for 2015. This year was the year of renewal for me. I had every intention of continuing with my word of the year posts, but things got crazy. real crazy. Like, husband graduates, we wait in limbo for months for him to be licensed, then he moved away from us for more than a month while I packed up our lives with the blessed little old house we called home for three years fell apart all around us.  Then we moved to a new city and about the time I began to catch my breath, my dad’s health spiraled down and he was in the hospital and before we knew it, he was gone. Then the next week was Thanksgiving, then Christmas…and now here I am, looking 2016 dead in the eye. However, though I wasn’t able to stay consistent with blogging about my word, it was very much a part of my spiritual life throughout each and every month.

And you know what? I don’t feel renewed. Today, I was sitting in my living room eating a salad and having a conversation about it. To be honest, I was alone and that conversation was happening in my head, but it’s still applicable, right? (Also, while I’m on the topic of honesty, the “salad” I was eating was basically chicken and bacon with ranch and barely any lettuce, but Walmart made it and who am I to judge. It was delicious.)

anyway, I was thinking about my word “renew” and my 2015. My favorite thing to do with my word is to google my word by itself and read the definition that pops up. So in between bites of my “salad” today, I googled “renew.”

  1. resume (an activity) after an interruption.
    “the parents renewed their campaign to save the school”
    re-establish (a relationship)
    “he had renewed an acquaintance with McCarthy”
    repeat (an action or statement).
    “detectives renewed their appeal for those in the area at the time to contact them”

And suddenly, I saw it. I had a year of nothing but interruptions. If 2015 was anything at all, it was a year of resuming and repeating. It was a year of perseverance. A year I hoped would end with tall, healthy stalks actually left me with raw plowed soil. So, I’m entering 2016 with aches and questions, but I’m also entering with confidence and hope. …which reminds me, 2016’s word of the year? Hope.

What about you? looking back on your one word, can you see now how it outlined your path? Can you google and read the definition with new eyes? and anyone have a new word yet? This is seriously the earliest I’ve ever had mine! I’ll leave you with one of my very favorite verses…a verse that led me to my word renew, and ironically, also led me to my word Hope.


Word of the Year Study-Setting Reminders

Are you as visual as I am? I’m really not in learning, but I am in remembering. Basically, I forget things constantly and respond best when I have simple visuals to remind myself. My word of the year is no different. To keep my word close to my heart and thought processes, I post reminders for myself.

I am still working on something big. I have been keeping my eyes peeled for something for my wall or shelf. Maybe a painting or willow tree figurine…something that will remind me each time of Renewal and all that it means in my life.

One of the little ways I’ve tried doing this is by making a Pinterest board. I really love pinterest. I don’t always have time to look at all that I want, but it is such a useful tool for recipes, homeschooling, organizing, and more for me. Why not also for this?

Because here’s the thing, if you PRAYED to GOD and asked Him for a WORD, then you believe He GAVE you that word, don’t you feel it is important for your life? Why would we ask the Creator for something and then forget about it later like it wasn’t important? If He chose to respond to your prayer, then you are blessed! If He chose to respond to your prayer with an answer you were actually seeking, how much more are you blessed?! And how much more will we be blessed if we walk in wisdom by taking that tip He gave us in love, and living it out?

So set out some reminders for yourself! Stick some post it notes of quotes and verses where you’ll see them. Find some artwork. Make a pinterest board. Anything that will keep that word fresh in your mind!

What do you think about visuals with your word? Can you think of other ways to keep it fresh in your mind?

Word of the Year study- Good Friday

It is our LAST week of school for this homeschooling house! Summer break is here! hurray! I know we won’t always get to do that, but with just one doing kindergarten, there really is no point in trucking on for months when it’s beautiful outside and she hit all our goals.  🙂

Today, we’ve talked about Easter though, this being Good Friday. And I just wanted to get on here for the Word of the Year study series and encourage you not to forget your word. Use your word this weekend as a telescope if you will. Look through that word “renew” or “commit” or “bold” or whatever, at the cross. Use it as your path to Him.

For me, I’m looking for renewal. To regroup and refocus. To reaffirm my walk. Because? It’s all about this weekend. None of it would matter, none of what we do would matter, if this weekend hadn’t happened. Jesus dying and then rising again changes everything.

So walk up that path to calvary with a quiet spirit and peace, and ponder your word in the shadow of a crucified and now standing King as you bow before Him.

Happy Easter!!!