Homeschool around the world study is really all about the food

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day weekend. We had a lot of fun, and my hunny and I ended it last night with his epic cooking (the boy can cook a steak, y’all) and then I made him answer all sorts of questions from Jennie Allen’s book I’ve been reading Restless.  Because, what’s more fun than eating a lovely meal and spilling your soul across a table? right? exactly. he played along well, and I love how much I learned about him that I didn’t know before even after all these years

So, as you may know, we’re homeschoolers. That comment usually gets an odd look from those not acquainted with it, but from those who do, it usually gets lots of questions like “what curriculum do you use,” and things of that nature. We are a bit different in our own house, simply because I’m super laid back with things…you wouldn’t know that from looking at my array of planners (I have 6 that I use for different things), but I am! So…we use worksheets and curriculum for reading and math, but all the rest is unit study that can change with the wind, y’all. Usually, it changes with whatever my girls are currently interested in. So, for now? We’re pulling London’s love of her geography work into an Around the World unit study. Can I just be transparent? I’m in it for the food.

She loves learning about other cultures, the way they dress, what they look like, what their houses look like…everything. And I love learning about what they eat and mimicking it. We all have our strengths and passions, right? So, we have spent time doing worksheets and crafts and reading and watching documentaries. We have covered Africa, Europe, and North America so far. And while it’s been super fun and we’ve learned a lot, I am loving the meal planning for it. Because 1) I get to incorporate lesson planning and meal planning together and kill two birds and all that. 2) It gets rid of that dreaded, “what should we have for dinner” question. oh my word, do you hate that topic as much as me? 3) it makes me excited about dinner so we are less likely to cheat and eat something cheap and easy, or eat out (eating out is the big one).

So, I just wanted to share some of our favorite finds so far! I’ve had several meals that were okay. One or two we didn’t like at all. Lots that we loved. My heart beats hard now for Chicken Fricassee. I’m not even kidding. We actually ate it when studying North America even though it’s not from this area, because it was Abraham Lincoln’s bday and it was his favorite meal. After making it, I decided I liked him even more. We could be friends, Abe and I..

I have an entire pinterest board here full of our Around the World themed food, but here are some links to my favorite recipes.

From Africa, we really loved these recipes>>> West African Chicken Stew and Ghanaian Jollof Rice and Beef Kabobs (sadly, it did not occur to me to ask people I know who are from Africa or whose parents are for their own amazing recipes until I posted a picture on fb one night and a friend said she’d send me her mom’s recipe! African theme re-do!)

Europe we loved these most>>> Irish Nachos (Oh my word, guys. This is not a drill. Make these. Think American Cheese fries at outback but better.)  Swedish Meatballs, Irish Beef and Stout Stew, Chicken Fricassee (of course), Cornish Game Hen with veloute sauce (VELOUTE SAUCE! that is all.) I feel like I’m missing some favorites. But I am also so incredibly happy to be able to say that we aren’t actually finished with Europe, so there will be much more European favorites I’m sure. The sauce addiction this has created is a serious problem, guys.

North American favorites>>>> Iron Skillet Apple Pie (I should probably be embarrassed to say this, but I make this enough that I don’t even use a recipe anymore. This pie is very forgiving in any mistakes and is SO good. It’s my husband’s favorite dessert so we have it more than we really should but I say it’s all in the name of submission and loving him and serving him and all the other things that make apple pie sound godly)  Mexican Enchiladas, Canadian Poutine, Navajo Tacos with fry bread (I first had navajo tacos on a reservation in Oklahoma years ago. I’ve never been the same since. so. good. Plus, the fry bread is really fun to make with the kids!)

Okay..I feel like that may be enough recipes for now…and only three of the seven continents! (but we all know Antarctica doesn’t count there) Several of these meals will make their way to our regular meal rotation. Also, I’ll reassure you that I don’t do super difficult recipes. ain’t nobody got time for that. These are all very easy meals that do not take forever. In fact! soo many of them are ONE POT MEALS! yay! less dishes!

So, I hope you have a great week! Let me know if you tried any of these, OR BETTER YET, let me know if I may have missed a really great recipe you know about! Exchanging recipes makes me feel like we should sit in my rocking chairs on my deck and knit or garden or something. love you guys <3 I’m off to find something great and American for dinner tonight for President’s Day 🙂