A tour of our homeschool classroom

Today marks one year since we came and looked at our house for the second time with our realtor.. I know that because timehop is fun and showed me pics of us riding the trolley last year while we explored our new city. In the months leading up to looking at houses in person, Lance and I poured over houses online and talked about possibilities.

We talked about things we absolutely wanted or needed, like how four bedrooms would be nice, but we really only needed three, if we had somewhere for the classroom to be. Then, after all the realistic lists were made individually and together, we talked one day in the car about what if’s. We said, “if you could have anything at all within a reasonable price, what would you want for a home?” and then we dreamed. we dreamed illogical, unlikely things just to dream. His list had a garage, not carport (not important to me) and a space for his office/music room to be, particularly if it’s away from bedrooms so he could play at night. I dreamed of a small nook for my desk and pretty pictures that I could call my own, to write, read, or whatever else. I dreamed of an actual laundry room (our last two houses had the washer and dryer in the kitchen and/or garage), but most of all, I dreamed of a classroom. A space without carpet so I wouldn’t be annoying about spills. One with lots of light would be awesome. Oh! what if it was a sunroom!? a sunroom classroom would be perfect. and on and on.

Months later, we walked into what is now our home. we didn’t get that fourth bedroom, but our girls like to share anyway. but, I have a little office nook in our master bedroom. There’s a music room downstairs on the opposite side of the bedrooms. there’s a garage big enough for two cars (not that we can park two cars in it…ahem) a laundry room. And….this. this is what we walked into that day.

sunroom before

My heart just swelled. Look at that painted hardwood floor…and that beadboard ceiling? and those WINDOWS. In my head, it was already decorated with colorful posters and stocked with art supplies.

Because today was our first day back to our summer school, (and because it’s my favorite room in the house) I thought I’d take some pics and share a tour of our classroom.

This is what the classroom looks like now that we’ve lived here almost a year.

sunroom after

The telescope was a gift from my dad. He got super into watching the stars and moon the last year of his life. seriously. He’d text me at like 11pm telling me to go look at random stars or the full moon, and if I told him it was too cloudy here (2.5-3 hrs from his house), he’d tell me to just wait it out and watch. …….yeah, that’s okay.

The paper chain has to be replaced in the coming months, haha. The sun definitely did a number on its pretty colors. The papers along the ceiling are of our memory verses that go with the alphabet. The boxes on the shelves under the table are some of norah’s hands on puzzles and toys.


A lot of our stuff is down for the summer, but the whiteboard is still up but looking a bit blank. This is Norah’s corner. The calendar beside her doesn’t have the dates up…because I’m lazy and refuse to do it until August ;). And also because I need new sticky tack…tact? hmm…that blue stuff that holds posters up. Norah has boxes for each day of the week. I saw the idea floating around pinterest in several different ways, and I finally settled on one I found from 1plus1plus1equals1 blog. She even gave the printables for the day labels for free! I love helpful people.  Her boxes stay stacked on the other side of the room.


The daily boxes have various things in them that rotate. Today’s had a leapfrog toy that fits letter pieces in and says the name and sound. One day has a small stuffed animal, bandaids, and a real stethoscope Lance used in PTA school. The pink boxes are sensory. One is filled with cotton balls, one has dry lentils and popcorn kernels and metal magnetic pieces, and the other dry black beans with stars and planets. the fourth box has scoops, spoons, magnets, and other things to play in the boxes with.


That shelf with the plant on top holds my sewing box, Norah’s drill toy, and our devotional bin. It’s filled with the girls bibles, devotionals, grateful journals, and a jar of popsicle sticks with prayer requests on them. The girls draw two each morning.


This is our corner with the telescope. We have lots of fun posers thanks to Amazon and Mardel’s.


We also have another corner of posters that have been so handy for the girls.


I am a huge advocate of posters. At least one of my girls is a visual learner, and so often, she has learned something just from it being so available to her often.

Then on the other side of the room is where we keep our supplies and my own workspace.


On the right is a giant pantry, and on that counter is our printer, my sewing machine, and all girls school books.


On the wall to the left is a large US map, the girls chore charts and necklaces, an space to hang any artwork they’re particularly proud of that day, and our year goals for the school year.


Then on the right is where we keep the girls bins of their own crayon boxes, scissors, and so on. The flash cards, science and math boxes, and a few other manipulatives.


Then, inside the pantry is my laminator, manipulatives, and loootttss of art supplies.


On top of the pantry are bins of wooden large beads with lacing string, mini markers, and musical instruments. In the two drawers, are more craft supplies and wooden puzzles.

And I think that’s about it for a tour. We love it. We spend more time in this room than all other rooms during our weekdays, and I love the freedom it gives them for me to just let them go on whatever artistic whim they have. I wish I could give you a personal tour in person with the intermittent yelling and playing of children, but since I can’t, thanks for following along while I gushed about my favorite room via blog post!



Dining Room reveal!

dining room reveal

So Thanksgiving has passed, and we’ll pretend the aftermath of Thanksgiving is cleaned up. (gotta use BIG imagination there) And my hunny has been home from work this week while I work on a big upcoming project.

And with him home, it also apparently means home project time. …maybe I shouldn’t have introduced him to Fixer Upper until my project was finished….;)

So, I walk out of my bedroom this morning and see the entire contents of the girls’ bathroom and the shower doors in the hallway. I had to run in and have him let me take a quick “before” pic first! He’s been in overdrive all day with that room, and so I can’t quite show it yet. BUT! It did occur to me that I never showed you pics of our updated dining room!

So far, we painted and updated. But, we still have two main projects left in the dining room. We have to finish the frame wainscotting on the walls *swoon* AND we have to put in new flooring. Now, the room actually has brand new flooring, BUT….it. is. carpet. Seriously? yes. Someone put carpet in a room that used to have wood floors. Obviously the floors weren’t in great condition since they removed them and carpeted over them, but bad wood floors with a toddler eating spaghetti has to be better than carpet and spaghetti…right? anywho…new flooring will be coming. probably a pine rustic floor.

So here is the before pic

dining before

And here is the after:


That table is adorable and we love it, but it also has to be replaced with something much larger. We bought that one on craigslist years ago when we were only a family of 4, one of which was in a high chair. It was sanded down, repainted and stained dark, and it has served us well for the last 4-5 years for only the $100 we paid for it and all the chairs!


over there to the side is a breakfast/coffee bar. It’s equipped with a keurig, stackable coffee mugs, fruit, k cups, a microwave, toaster, and a galvanized steel bucket on the bottom shelf full of packages of oatmeal. It gives my girls independence, which we all love. We often use it for after dinner coffee and hot chocolate while we’re still sitting around the table after the plates are cleared.

The entire time we talked about what to do in this room, I just kept saying, “I want it to be pretty, but not fancy. I don’t want it to be one of those fancy dining rooms that no one ever uses and is just another room to vacuum and heat and cool.” I purposely bought a table for the breakfast nook in the kitchen that isn’t big enough for all of us to sit at simply because I was afraid it would become too easy to sit in there and not in our dining room! ha! But we love how this room turned out, and once it’s completely finished, I know we’ll love it even more. We’re in there each night eating, laughing, and asking our girls to be careful and not fall off the bench again. sigh. it’s crazy, but fun!



Our new home

So, among all the things I’ve been wanting to share on here, one of those things is a few looks into our new home as we change things up. We’re still working on the downstairs, hoping to work more on the kitchen this weekend. ahem, anyone have any great wallpaper removing skills? oy. WHY, oh WHY the wallpapering over wallpaper???

Anyway, our living room is almost finished. I still have to paint our curtains. (yep, you can do that!) But I thought I’d give the first peak into that room since it’s our favorite!

So here’s the before!

living room before 1 living room before 2

seriously…those built-ins stole my heart. Here is the after! the photos were taken at different times and mostly for me to text friends asking for opinions on layout and what color to paint those curtains, ha! but you’ll get the idea!

IMG_1450 IMG_1451 living room after 1

The wall color we chose is Behr’s Anonymous. I loved it so much that we also used it for our entryway and upstairs hallway! I’m attempting to paint a room something other than a shade of gray, but I love gray so much! Thanks for joining me on the beginning of the tour! Eventually, I’ll share the update on what I did with my curtains and other pieces still left to update in the living room too. 😉