Want to get FREE books for a Bible study AND bless a single mom???


It all started last summer. I’d read things online and in my Bible, and my heart would cry out. “God, I know prayer is the most powerful tool we have, but I also want to DO something. I want to love women in a tangible way…women who are alone, worrying, in need.”

But, in this season of my life, I am saturated by the church. I LOVE God’s church, so don’t read that as a negative thing. I feel like God gives us seasons of being hedged in by His followers for specific individualized reasons…though, those reasons all have the same end result. To be built up, so we can go back out.

I have lived my seasons of being saturated by the world. Going to work and burning myself, only to turn around and two coworkers ask, “is that it? we were wondering if you’d cuss, being a Christian and all.” It was a season of eyes constantly watching…she says all this, but is it real? Will she live it?

Then, He brought me inside my home. I homeschool, I teach at church, I serve at church, I’m surrounded by believers. And I thought, “how can I ever help those women?! God?? What do you want me to do?? Do you want us to leave our church and go somewhere with more physical needs?” He was quiet about it. I felt stuck.

Turns out? He was working on it all along. I wrote my book, and published it, and focused on that. Not until this weekend did it hit me. Within it lies my outreach for this season! So, guess what?!

If you choose to use my book for a women’s group study of 5 or more women, if you contact me before ordering, I will send you your books for FREE with the understanding that you take that money that would have been spent on the books ($10 each) and find one single mother in your area. You bless her with that money, and I’ll bless you with the books! What do you think? Deal?! 


Book Release Party & Giveaway!!!–CLOSED

Today is the day!!! After lots of work and editing, oh my word, the editing…my book finally released today!!! It’s available as an ebook on Kindle, Nook, and iBooks (though the latter two have had just a bit of diva-like tendencies today, but customer service has assured me that it’ll be fixed soon and we’ll be good to go!). In February, it’ll be available in print on Amazon, as well as through the site www.identitybehindthemask.com! (Excuse the excessive use of exclamation marks in this post. they will come often. !!)

To celebrate this huge date that seemed like it would NEVER arrive, I’m giving away some of my favorite things! Think Oprah, but with way less budget. 😉

The prizes will be:

Movie tickets for 2. Date night anyone??

The DVD Moms Night Out. (Have you seen it? oh my word, I laughed and cried all through it. so good)

A Starbucks gift card. (I’m a plain latte kind of girl. you?)

boho bagthis super cute boho bag!


this watch that I’m so in love with. Never mind the fact that it’s the exact same color as the one I always wear. It has stripes and gold and would be so cute in the spring! love it so much


these earrings…umm, not sure what’s going on with the image. but maybe it’s because my girls have been obsessed with mermaids as of late, but aren’t they cute and mermaid-like. ha!

and the last giveaway, but definitely not least ;), I’ll be giving away 3 print copies of my book!!! Your Identity Behind the Mask 🙂

To enter, share this post on facebook, instagram, or twitter and share the url link in a blog post comment! that’s it! hope you win! MAKE SURE TO POST A COMMENT IN THIS POST SHARING THE LINK TO WHERE YOU SHARED!

That’s EIGHT prizes!!! I’ll go in order that I posted the prizes using random. Giveaway begins now and ends at midnight tomorrow night! I’ll post the winners and email them each when it closes tomorrow (Jan 20th) night!


Using Random to generate numbers, I started from the top of the list down!

The movie tickets go to number 4, Meagan!

Moms Night Out DVD is # 14! Megan!

Starbucks gift card is #1! Deborah!

The bag is #7! Erica!

The watch is #2! mommagoad57!

The earrings are #13! Tracy!

And the 3 free print copies of my book go to #’s 8, 9, & 5! Kati, Sherry, & Justine!

Thanks so much for entering everyone! It was really really fun to generate the numbers and scroll to see which names went with each number and prize! I’ll be contacting you each to get you your prizes!

Christmas Book Bundle Giveaway!!!

You know what I love?? Christmas.  And books.  and also, free things. Not always in that order, though.

I’ve been working today some more on my website for my upcoming ebook that releases after the holidays, and that got me thinking about books and the holidays.  I decided that as a celebration of the upcoming release date, and the fact that it is officially the Christmas season in just a couple days, I would give away Christmas book bundle here!

So, the rules are that you have to comment on this post on the blog and tell me what you love most about Christmas! Easy peasy. I won’t require you to do anything else, but in the spirit of Christmas, I encourage you to spread the love and share this post with others to give them a chance to win too. 🙂

The giveaway opens right now and will close this time next week, December 3rd at midnight!

Here’s the bundle:

christmas carol     This is my very favorite Christmas read. It’s short so I’m able to read this classic each year right after Thanksgiving to kick off my Christmas with the right focus.

cradle cross crown  The true Christmas message is so often lost in the busyness and profit-making venues during the holiday season. How does one wade through all of the worldly diversions and still find Christ? Drawing from a lifetime of writings and sermons, beloved preacher and author Billy Graham pierces through the meaningless activity we get caught up in by taking readers back to the time when heaven descended to earth—and the place where Christ was born. Included in this classic Christmas message are excerpts from This Christmas Night, Scriptural accounts of Christ’s birth, favorite carols, and beautiful poetry by Ruth Bell Graham. It’s perfect for keeping focused on what’s truly important during the bustle of the season

greatest giftThis is written as a devotional leading up until Christmas. She’s a wonderful writer, and I loved having this for myself last year as a morning devotional! “Beginning with Jesse, the father of David, The Greatest Gift retraces the epic pageantry of mankind, from Adam to the Messiah, with each day’s reading pointing to the coming promise of Christ.”

unwrapping  After the success of The Greatest Gift, Ann made a family celebration for the entire family.  I don’t own this one myself, but I have read so many great things about it that I will be getting it for my family to do together!  I’m not sure if it would cancel out the book, but if it does, you can always give the book as a gift 🙂

women of christmas  If you have never read any of Liz Curtis Higgs books, you will be so blessed to receive your first! This book follows Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna from the beginning of Jesus’ life.

Those are some awesome books!  They’ll be sure to get you into the spirit of Christmas fast and keep your heart centered on the true meaning for this great holiday! I have so many books about different topics that I can go to my shelves and pick one out, but I realized a couple of years ago that I had NONE that I could read specifically for the Christmas season.  If you’re the same and would like to add some Christmas books to your bookshelves, then enter to win!


Thank you all for the awesome comments! I did a random number generator and the number 9 won!! the ninth comment was from Maryssa T and she said

“love spending time with my family on Christmas! That’s what I love most. I love the atmosphere and that it brings out the best parts of people. IT’S THE MOSTTTT WONDERFUL TIIIIME OF THE YEAR!”

Is that not adorable?

I emailed her this morning and got her info to box up those books and send them to her!

Thanks to everyone that entered!

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