Book Release Party & Giveaway!!!–CLOSED

Today is the day!!! After lots of work and editing, oh my word, the editing…my book finally released today!!! It’s available as an ebook on Kindle, Nook, and iBooks (though the latter two have had just a bit of diva-like tendencies today, but customer service has assured me that it’ll be fixed soon and we’ll be good to go!). In February, it’ll be available in print on Amazon, as well as through the site! (Excuse the excessive use of exclamation marks in this post. they will come often. !!)

To celebrate this huge date that seemed like it would NEVER arrive, I’m giving away some of my favorite things! Think Oprah, but with way less budget. 😉

The prizes will be:

Movie tickets for 2. Date night anyone??

The DVD Moms Night Out. (Have you seen it? oh my word, I laughed and cried all through it. so good)

A Starbucks gift card. (I’m a plain latte kind of girl. you?)

boho bagthis super cute boho bag!


this watch that I’m so in love with. Never mind the fact that it’s the exact same color as the one I always wear. It has stripes and gold and would be so cute in the spring! love it so much


these earrings…umm, not sure what’s going on with the image. but maybe it’s because my girls have been obsessed with mermaids as of late, but aren’t they cute and mermaid-like. ha!

and the last giveaway, but definitely not least ;), I’ll be giving away 3 print copies of my book!!! Your Identity Behind the Mask 🙂

To enter, share this post on facebook, instagram, or twitter and share the url link in a blog post comment! that’s it! hope you win! MAKE SURE TO POST A COMMENT IN THIS POST SHARING THE LINK TO WHERE YOU SHARED!

That’s EIGHT prizes!!! I’ll go in order that I posted the prizes using random. Giveaway begins now and ends at midnight tomorrow night! I’ll post the winners and email them each when it closes tomorrow (Jan 20th) night!


Using Random to generate numbers, I started from the top of the list down!

The movie tickets go to number 4, Meagan!

Moms Night Out DVD is # 14! Megan!

Starbucks gift card is #1! Deborah!

The bag is #7! Erica!

The watch is #2! mommagoad57!

The earrings are #13! Tracy!

And the 3 free print copies of my book go to #’s 8, 9, & 5! Kati, Sherry, & Justine!

Thanks so much for entering everyone! It was really really fun to generate the numbers and scroll to see which names went with each number and prize! I’ll be contacting you each to get you your prizes!

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