Because sometimes, you just ride the wave

Today, I’m leaving the fan on, not for temperature but for white noise.

Because some days, the sound of a rocking chair squeak,

mingled with the breath of wind is soothing for the soul.

The house is a mess today, not because of laziness,

but because life is crazy and what we really need is to soak up that crazy.

We need ride that crazy and chaos like a glorious wave and not fight it so much.

That way, you’ll end up on top instead of drowning beneath it.

I’ve decided to let the last load of towels sit in the basket for now, not because I’m tired (though I am),

but because sometimes the image of a half done chore is a reminder that you’re in the middle of life.

Because some days, you need to let go of the gotta-get-done mentality,

and fall into the middle-of-the-best mentality.

Let it wash over you like that big wave.

The wave so big that you’re not sure if you’ll ever see the end,

but you will.

A wave mysterious and full of life beneath the waters,

that half scares you and half thrills you to your toes.

And after one washes you ashore,

don’t immediately get back up to fight or ride another.

Lie there on the sand and soak up the sun and life of what the crazy just handed you.

Then get up and do it again.

It’s Monday, after all. And this Monday begins the countdown of Advent, a looking forward. Not looking back. Not looking all around. Look forward. He’s coming.

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