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Hi! My name is Heather. I’m a homeschooling mother of three squealing, loud, lovable girls. I’m married to an amazing man who doesn’t mind one bit that he’s surrounded by estrogen. We also have a Westie named Jazz who is young, but lives like dog years are even longer than 7 years, and he spends most of his days sleeping by my feet.

I grew up with dreams of law school and spending my days arguing for what was true. Then, in my early college years, God called me from that dream and whispered a new calling into my heart. He beckoned me to minister to His daughters, and that ministry has looked different in every new season. I still find myself fighting for truth, but now that truth is the freedom He has for each woman to walk in His grace. This blog is my attempt to share the things He has placed on my heart, and I hope it opens at least one woman’s eyes to her true identity in Christ.

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