A response to the spring break video–Courageous Living

One time in high school, I was punched in the face during a fight. In truth, I wasn’t even in the fight. I walked up on two girls younger than me acting out their anger, and though I didn’t know them really, I knew one was expecting a baby.


I remember looking around me at the faces of the other students just standing around watching. I remember yelling at a Bible carrying football player who could have easily parted them.

But no one stepped in.

Fortunately, it wasn’t long with me trying to get in the middle of them before a principal got word and was there to break it all up. Everyone gathered their things, and they went about their way going to their own classes.

And I stood in shock.

I remember going home and asking my mom, “why? why did no one step in to help me stop it?” I was baffled. I still am.

Because ten years later, I’m seeing videos on the news of rape happening in the broad daylight on a beach and no one is helping.

I know the answer better now than I did at 18. It’s because there is a sad lack of courageous living.

We hear about human trafficking, and we want to DO SOMETHING!

We hear about children across the world with no clean water for drinking and we want to DO SOMETHING!

We hear about children in our own country with no homes or love or food and we want to DO SOMETHING!!

But, guess what? Most of us don’t. We get pumped and passionate. We talk about it and give money toward it and begin a step toward something really courageous. But it stops there.


Because courageous living doesn’t start with standing on a beach and DOING SOMETHING when a girl is being gang raped by three men. It starts way earlier.

We’ve got to make bold choices. Bold choices turn into walking in bravery. Walking in bravery will eventually become courageous living.

Bold becomes Brave which will become Courageous. 

It begins by doing the right thing right now right where you are. By doing the bold thing and standing by God’s truth, even if it’s not comfortable. Because bold is uncomfortable. It just is.

And eventually, you’ll get a reputation. It will just happen…Jesus kind of warned us about that part, luckily. But people will begin to think  you’re weird. Weird…not like them. Not like most. Not. like. the. world.

And after you make a habit of stepping out on that uncomfortable step of boldness, you’ll have a hard time going back. Because you’ll see the right thing to do, and you know you’ll have to do it. You’ll have to say it. You’ll  have to speak up for those who can not speak for themselves just like Proverbs says. Not because you’re opinionated and pushy and obnoxious, but because you love people for crying out loud.

Because the truth is you are your brother’s keeper. Your sister’s too.

And after that habit forms in your behavior, it begins to take root deep in your heart. You’ll walk day in and day out with the heart of a warrior. A heart of someone who will do the right thing at the right time right in front of them. Because you said no to cheating and no to people who will use their fists instead of calm down. You said no so many times to flirting with the line of adultery. No so many times to the wrong things, that deep down inside you, you realize finally what it means to live courageously. And you know what? If you stood there in the hot sand beside a young girl being raped, I know you’d say no. You wouldn’t just stand there doing nothing!

If you heard about human trafficking, I know you’d really do something. I know you’d help those children. I know you’d help find clean water. I know you will. Because you are your Father’s child and within you beats the heart of a warrior.

All it takes is a step out in boldness. I know that strong is the new skinny. The new sexy. according to pinterest, strong is the new everything. But what about strong of heart? What if that was our main focus and we spent as much time on that as we did on making our bodies strong? yes. Let’s do it. Let’s train towards courageous living.

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