A broken cup & string. When we let God heal us, not just comfort us

Have you ever had those moments when you realize that what you think about a topic is far off the mark? I guess it’s that part of growing up my mom always talked about, because it happens to me pretty much every minute of every day. But, when the times come when that topic is God, it’s a bit more eye opening.

A couple of days ago, I was working on some bookmarks for Mocha Monday, a women’s event at our church. I needed a good image to go on them that went along with the topic, so I was scrolling through clipart. I happened to scroll past a picture of a broken coffee cup that was being held together by a red string tied around it with a neat little bow. I smiled a bit, and I thought, “what a neat picture. It is just like God and us.” Us, being the broken cups…Him, the string holding us together.

I began scrolling again, only to abruptly stop. It hit me that it wasn’t at all like us and God. I felt His Spirit say  to my heart, “I am not your red string. Your husband, family, friends, church, all of that I give you is the red string.” And I realized, God doesn’t tied me back up. We have this mentality that we all fall apart without Him (which is true), and we have to get back into His Word and presence so that we can be pieced back together and tied up. But, what would happen if you were to pour water into that tied together cup? It would still leak out.

In Revelation, Jesus proclaims that He “makes all things new!” He doesn’t hold us together in a flimsy way that keeps us from falling apart, but in reality, is still useless for any real productivity. He makes us new. He sears together the tears we’ve cried and cracks left deep in our souls and fuses our hurt and pain into a scar that’s stronger than was there before. We are left with visible cracks, but we are filled and useful.

I think it’s easy for us to think of God as the string because maybe that’s all we let Him do. We come before Him long enough to get pieced together, then back on our way we go lamenting over our brokenness. But what if we stopped and understood that the Potter can do so much more? What if we allowed Him to heal our brokenness by accepting His love completely and letting go of what made those cracks?

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