4 Simple Ways to Stay Intentional with Your Spiritual Life

My word, life gets crazy and complicated. Let’s just nod at each other knowingly and pretend that I’m not behind on posting Friday Word of the Year series and I’ll pretend you would have read them and loved them. Also, while we’re pretending, let’s pretend I’m NOT eating Lucky Charms cereal for lunch right now. Do NOT judge me, people. I buy them once a year for St. Patrick’s (for the kids, of course) and I secretly LOVE them. Love them, I tell you.

So, it’s been BEAUTIFUL outside which always translates to “I’m behind on my household chores.” We also went out of town over the weekend. (One day, we can meet at a coffee shop and I’ll tell you the story of that trip over a latte. I’ll need two shots in that latte to get through it.)  I came home to lots of laundry, cleaning, some women’s ministry duties, and so on. Life..basically. Chaos drifted into chaos and I’m still sitting in it.

It’s really easy for me to let the busyness creep in and rob me of the important relationships in my life. I can be so busy that I speak to my children throughout the day and never once truly look into their eyes. I can communicate with my husband all week, but never really talk. And, I can let my busy schedule make my faith into nothing more than a religion.

But, I cannot let the chaos overcome the order that God has placed in my spirit. I have to establish order. I have to look at His Word and see what He did and does, and then, I have to mimic.


So, when life threatens to implode on you and your prayer time is slipping between your fingers…when you keep kicking yourself that you don’t the relationship with God that these other women seem to have and you want so badly…Establish order.

Those times when our earthly relationships begin to slip, we take the offensive and get intentional. If your marriage was on the rocks and you guys just weren’t communicating anymore, what would be a step in the right direction? Date night. Texting during the day. Phone calls on the way home from work. Squeezing every second you can. // Yes, Heather, but what if my heart isn’t in fixing that marriage? My advice? Talk up your spouse to others. Talk about him (IN GOOD WAYS) and look for the good in Him.  Sometimes, apathy is the driving force behind a lackluster spiritual life.

We know all that. We applaud that! We know the right steps to fix marriages…we may not always do them, but we do know them. And, we know that our relationship with Christ is represented by marriage. But we don’t treat them the same.

Even in friendships or relationships with our children, we notice the space and step into it. My advice for saving your other important relationship, the most important one, is very much the same.

  1. Set an alarm on your phone for a time of prayer. Set several alarms. (I have several alarms set on my phone. They change from time to time, but they remind me to pray for my children, husband, gratefulness, and so on.)

  2. Make a playlist of songs you truly worship to and play them. Sing them straight to Him. They are worship. All acknowledgment of who He is and who you aren’t, is worship.

  3. Talk to friends about Him, even if it feels awkward at first. Look for His good.

  4. Go to church and/or a Bible Study, somewhere that you’ll be hearing and talking about Him.

So establish that order. We must bring in some guardrails for our heavenly relationship just like we would for our earthly ones.

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