Word of the Year-step by step word study

It’s almost the weekend! It’s almost the weekend! PLUS, it’s almost March! and March means SPRING!!! I’m just so excited. Luckily, my eldest was born in February and all my children are girls and love Valentine’s Day, otherwise, there’d be nothing but bitter cold for me with this month. 🙂

So, I’ve been chatting with some friends about this word of the year study, and I think I’m going to spend today’s post walking you through a tutorial on how to use www.biblehub.com. It’s a bit easier on the web version, but their mobile site can be confusing for new users. So, your first step will be to go to the site. You can click here to open it in a new window.

There will be a search bar and then a drop down bar on the side. First, I want you to click on that drop down bar and click on Strong’s. Once you have the drop down bar set to Strong’s, I want you to type your word into the search bar. I typed my word “renew” into it here to show you what it’ll look like. IMG_7920After you search your word in Strong’s, next you’ll see a list of words that match your’s. Let’s work on the Hebrew word and then after we’re done, you can go back and check out any other words than mean the same and your Greek meaning. So, you’ll get a list like this.


I clicked on that first word with the transliteration chadash. (Transliteration is just how we would try to say the word based on sound).So, when I clicked on the first word for renew, it took me to a link for that word.


This gives me the short definition, renew. It also tells me under “word origin” that this is a primary root word. It stands alone. If you see something different, you can make a note and later go searching on the root word your word is created from. Then I see the definition, times the word is translated as other words, and so on.



Scrolling down, you’ll see more info on the word. I took note of the words “rebuild” and “repair” here in my journal. Scrolling down further…


I see the definitions for each context. For instance, when this same word is translated in Samuel 11:14, it means to renew or make anew. But, in Isaiah 61:4 and other verses, this same word means repair when talking about cities, the temple, altar, and so on. I also took note of that. We are the new temple of God, ya know. 😉

On the definitions go. If you have a specific verse for your’s, you might scroll through and try to find which definition usage was used for your verse. If you continue scrolling down, you’ll see all the verses this word appears.


Here my word in the Hebrew appears 10 times. Now, after taking my notes and reading. I can go back to the beginning, and find the Greek. I hope this helps and clears any confusion you might have! This tool is really helpful in all Bible studies, not just word of the year. But when your Bible study revolves around a word, it’s particularly helpful. 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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Studying Your Word of the Year-verses

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